Frequently asked questions

Every journey begins with a first step.

What areas do you work with?

Whilst I can work with a variety of issues including anxiety and depression, I have a special interest and additional training in those who have experienced trauma, abuse, bereavement and those who are neurodiverse.

Are you working face to face?

Yes. I offer face to face sessions in the heart of Exeter, as well as offering zoom and walk and talk sessions. Here is a link to the location;

Will you inform my GP, employer or anyone else that I am attending sessions?

Almost always, no. All sessions are confidential and I do not inform others of your attendance or give details about what we discuss. The only exceptions to this is if I believe you or someone else to be at risk of harm, where I am bound by law, or if an employer is paying for sessions, I will confirm dates of attendance for invoicing purposes.

  • How much do you charge?

My session rate is £55. I do offer a small number of concessions for those on limited incomes or student counsellors. Please contact me for more details.

  • What happens during a first session?

The first session is an opportunity for us both to get to know one another and see if we wish to continue to work together moving forward. It can be very daunting going to meet someone new and possibly voice your difficulties for the first time. I will do my best to make this process as easy as possible. I will go over my ways of working, take some details from you, answer any questions you may have and go over the working agreement should you wish to continue with further sessions.

  • Do I have to tell you everything?

No. What you bring to therapy is entirely your choice. Sometimes it can take a while to build up trust in the relationship and you may not feel comfortable sharing certain information straight away. Equally, if there are some things you never wish to talk about, that is your choice too. I may ask questions about something, but I will never force you to tell me or insist you discuss certain topics.

  • How many sessions will I need?

That is a really difficult question to answer. For some people they wish to just look at a current specific event and want to cover that within six sessions. However, more often, people have a catalyst for bringing them into therapy, but have many years of history which they may want to work through. I never set a number of sessions, but clients can if they wish, or employers may pay for a certain number. However, I will do periodic reviews with you to ensure the work remains relevant and to check that things are working well.

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